UCU activists stand with Birmingham Muslim community: statement

EAB1A69D-6D86-4737-99C6-D0FA5DA0DE4F.jpegPlease comment below to add your name
We condemn this disgusting targeting of our Muslim sisters and brothers in Birmingham and we stand in solidarity with you. We call on all trade unionists to prioritise the fight to defend our communities against racist attacks and call for renewed funding of further education to deliver hope and understanding in the place of the ignorance and hatred that flourishes when educational opportunity is smashed.
We condemn the continual feed of “othering” of Muslims in our media and through institutional use of the Prevent strategy as part of the process of dehumanisation leaving our sisters and brothers open to attack, and continue our resistance to this.
Birmingham Muslim community, we stand with you.
Nita Sanghera – Vice President, UCU, branch secretary South and City Birmingham: Bournville

Dave Muritu – UCU equality chair, NEC (black members), chair black members standing committee, branch secretary Sandwell College UCU

Rhiannon Lockley – UCU NEC (Midlands, Further Education) and West Midlands women’s officer, Birmingham City University UCU

Dharminder Chuhan – UCU West Midlands black members officer, chair Sandwell College UCU

Andrew Misiura – UCU West Midlands lgbt+ officer, Gloucester UCU

Kirsten Forkert – UCU West Midlands HE chair and Midlands NEC elect, Birmingham City University UCU

Justine Mercer – UCU NEC (Midlands, Higher Education), Warwick UCU


Lesley Foley – West Midlands regional organiser

Nick Varney, South West regional official and former West Midlands regional official

Babs Gisborne-Land – West Midlands retired members rep

Nick Hardy, University of Birmingham UCU and NEC elect (Midlands HE)

Pura Ariza – UCU NEC and lgbt+ standing committee, MMU UCU

Vicky Blake – UCU VP elect, Leeds UCU

Sue Abbott – UCU NEC and chair women’s standing committee, Newcastle UCU

Jo McNeill – UCU NEC and GS candidate, President University of Liverpool UCU

Elizabeth Lawrence (former President)

Secretary UCU Yorkshire and Humberside Retired Members’ Branch


Lesley McGorrigan, Yorkshire/Humberside UCU Regional Secretary

Julie Hearn, UCU NEC, Equality Officer Lancaster UCU

Saira Weiner, UCU branch secretary, Liverpool John Moores University

Elane Heffernan, NEC, chair disabled members committee and co-chair UCU democracy commission

Jess Meacham, University of Sheffield UCU

Mandy Brown UCU NEC and Lambeth College
Julia Roberts UCU NEC and Lambeth College
Jim Delaney UCU Lambeth College

Sean Wallis, UCL UCU President and UCU NEC member


Colin Merret

Steve Harper

David McQueen

Maike Helmers 

Marian Mayer – Chair, South Regional Committee

William Proctor

Stephanie Allen 

Crispin Farbrother

(All Bournemouth UCU)

Naina Kent UCU

London Regional Executuve Comittee Equality Rep.


Adrian Budd, LSBU UCU


Cecily Blyther UCU NEC


Dr Simon Hewitt, School of PRHS, University of Leeds
Pete Bicknell – UCU lesoco

Bruce Baker, NEC & Newcastle University branch chair

Michael Bailey   Essex UCU
Dilly Meyer    Essex UCU
Colin Samson  Essex UCU
Peter Patrick   Essex UCU
Sherrie Green   Essex UCU
Paul Siddall   Essex UCU
Dr Catherine Crawford · Senior Lecturer in History, President Essex UCU  

Assistant Professor  Jayne Caudwell, Bournemouth UCU


Roddy Slorach, Branch organiser, Imperial College London UCU


Margot Hill, NEC and Croydon College


martin ralph Liverpool university ucu 

Christina Paine, NEC

Deepa G Driver Co-Chair, UCU National Dispute Committee

John Fones, Bridgwater and Taunton UCU

London Met branch committee

Essex branch committee

Laura Miles

Sheila Hemingway

Richard McEwan UCU Poplar branch Secretary, New City College.

Marion Hersh UCU NEC

Angie McConnell UCU

Jane Holgate University of Leeds

Geraint Evans, Bradford College UCU Branch Secretary

Carol Cody UCU NW Women’s Rep.

Mark Abel, Chair, UCU Coordinating Committee, University of Brighton and UCU NEC.

Warwick UCU

Dr Sharon Kivland, Sheffield Hallam University


Grant Buttars, Branch President , UCU Edinburgh
Andrew Chitty, Sussex UCU

Sarah Joss, Heriot Watt UCU


Rebecca Richards, Keele UCU

Billie Loebner UCU Middlesex University

Graham Wroe Sheffield College UCU

Gargi bhattacharyya Uel branch

Bee Hughes, member & Branch Action Committee member, LJMU UCU

Elaine White Bradford College Anti-Casualisation rep and Women’s FE NEC

Joe S. Sanders Cambridge UCU

Uni of Hull UCU committee:

Jean Kellie, membership secretary

Tim Buescher, equality officer

Janine Kopp, secretary

Martin Nickson

Mike Lammiman

Michael Carley, University of Bath UCU President, and NEC

University of Leeds branch committee UCU

Sunil Banga Lancaster University UCU

Jacob Phelps, Membership Officer, Lancaster UCU

Mike Barton, Branch Secretary, New City College Redbridge UCU

Craig Jones, Lancaster UCU PGR Rep

Wendy Olsen

Patrick Montague Lancaster University UCU

Simon Williams, Sussex UCU executive

Mario Novelli, Sussex UCU executive

Luke Martell, Sussex UCU

Chloe Vitry Lancaster UCU

Carolyn Downs, Lancaster UCU

Maggie Mort, Lancaster UCU

Jo Grady, Sheffield UCU, NEC elect and GS candidate

John Drury, University of Sussex

Roger Phillips UCU Sussex

Mike Coogan Lancaster UCU

Bob Jeffery, Anti-casualisation officer, UCU Sheffield Hallam, chair of Sheffield trades council

Evangelos Ntontis, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Fergus Neville, University of St Andrews

Petroc UCU Branch Committee.

Steve Cushion

UCU London Retired Members

Paul Gardner, University of St Andrews UCU member


Syesha Francis, Sandwell College UCU branch committee


Camille Ettelaie

Paul Skarratt

Steve Burwood

Kerry Dobson

David Pennie

(All Hull UCU)

Libby Hudson, RNC UCU

Dennis Chapman
UCU Rep Chair, CU Coventry
Sheila Jervis
UCU Branch Officer Evesham College /Malvern Hills College
Steve H. Davies
Stratford-upon-Avon College UCU
Jennifer Underhill, Sandwell College UCU
Emily Robinson, Sussex UCU
Annie Jones, Sheffield Hallam Branch Officer, Women Members Standing Committee Member














  1. Carolyn Downs

    I am shocked and sickened by these horrific Islamaphobic attacks. تصحبك السلامة

    Tusahibuk alsalama from Lancaster

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