To my 7 year old daughter on the day of #Womensmarch

20161023_1832212To my lovely baby

You belong to you. Grow as big and as bright as you need to. You are allowed to take up space in the world. Your body is your body and no-one but you has the right to decide what to do with it. Your body is yours to run and jump and try to fly.

You have no duty to decorate yourself or to be an ornament to look at. But no-one has the right to criticise you if you want to use yourself as a canvas to express yourself.

You are always thinking and always talking. I am sorry for when I don’t listen but it happens because I am tired, not because I want you to stop. No-one has the right to try to silence you. Sometimes people will be intimidated by the clever woman you grow to be. Be patient when people take longer than you but never ashamed of your sharp mind. I know that you are not a boastful child and you should not be made to feel like you cannot ask questions or challenge “common sense”.

You are so full of love and energy. Never change. There is so much darkness in the world but love is the power to brighten it.

When you were two you used to sing your “No”song and it’s still a word you use a lot. As frustrating as it can be for me, please don’t ever lose the belief that you can say no to anything.

You may well find your energy means you are pulled in lots of directions. Please don’t ever feel guilty for taking time for yourself, and please never let another blame you for putting your energy into the things you love and believe in.

There are lots of things society will be looking for from you that I have not really given you a role model for. I’m not demure, I’m not houseproud, and I look nothing like the images of women you have been saturated with by this world. All of those things are ok if you choose them but never feel that they are things you have to be.

My Megan, I love you so much and I am so proud of everything you are. I am always with you, and even when I can’t be there and person, you carry my love with you. I will be there when you ask a question, when you stand up for others, when you cry over things other people think are silly.

We are all fighting for you and for all the children who will live through what this world is bringing. We will not let them win.




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