Vote Elane for FE disabled rep, NEC






This week ballot papers will arrive for a UCU NEC by-election for FE disabled members rep.

I will be voting for Elane Heffernan from Hackney college who is a brilliant activist who understands:

1. That equality issues need to be at the heart of our union

2. That education access and the rights of education workers are not given freely by an aggressive right-wing government: they can only come from a strong union which is willing to act.

Every time I have heard Elane speak on an issue she is powerful and clear in her points. She has also challenged me and changed my mind on issues too – anyone who knows how stubborn I am will know that is no small feat!

But Elane is not just someone who makes you think – she is also a doer – from leading a delegation up to brum to show practical solidarity to the branches there at the deep end of the area review when we took national strike action, to recently winning better conditions for disabled staff at her college.

Elane is inspirational in her fight for women’s rights. As an often exhausted mum who sees all the barriers to participation at workplaces but also in the union for women like me, I know Elane will fight those barriers. So she will get my vote.

All sectors, including FE, HE, ACE and prison education vote in this election. Ballots are open for 4 weeks. Please leave a comment if you would like a leaflet.

Rhiannon Lockley

UCU women member’s standing committee





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