Jo Cox, motherhood and antifascism

Just had a cry in the pouring rain and thought I would quickly express some thoughts about what happened today.


I’m not too familiar with Jo. I know her name mainly from tweeting her off a list when campaigning. I’ve seen her speech about child refugees. I’ve seen the picture of her chasing Farage with her kids in the In Flotilla yesterday.

I’m thinking about all the times I have stood with my kids at anti-fascist demonstrations. They’ve never been close to any violence but they’ve been there, partly because I’m a mum and if they were not there I couldn’t be, and partly because I’m a mum in a world that teaches children the colour of your skin should dictate your access to resources and your freedom to move and there is no neutral position on that, only sides.

I’ve seen the grief from my mum friends who are antifascists and I am crying with you.

I’m thinking of the mum who pushed me to get active and works so hard for the Labour party. I’m thinking of the mum whose kids are at more demos than mine in Birmingham and who first tried selling me a paper in 96. I’m thinking of the brilliant queer mum who fights every day for her trans child. I’m thinking of the mum I’ve only recently met who has spoken so quietly and with such conviction to halls full of trades unionists though her voice is shaking about the things which really matter.

We have every right to shout out and we are not going away. Love to you all.



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