UCU NEC 2016: Vote @Mandy4VPucu & @ucuLeft slate


We are facing our biggest ever challenges in the fight for access to education: area reviews, the TEF, and cuts which see remaining staff at breaking point. But we are also in a time where the politics of hope are growing. I am proud to be standing with Lambeth branch secretary Mandy Brown on the UCU Left slate.

Mandy is an incredible female activist who led her branch through sustained action in defence of their contracts. She has been at the forefront of the UCU campaigning which has won important victories in preserving ESOL and FE funding – and a vote for her is a vote for a union which will push for properly funded education for all.

Please vote for Mandy, me, and the following dedicated and experienced grassroots activists. We are standing together to defend education. Voting runs through February.

Vice President from the further education sector

Mandy Brown (Lambeth College) [1]

London and the East FE (2 seats)

Sean Vernell (City and Islington College) [1]

Julia Roberts (Lambeth College) [2]

London and the East HE (4 seats)

Sean Wallis (University College London) [1]

Ioanna Ioannou (University College London) [woman] [2]

Rachel Cohen (City University London) [woman] [3]

Mark Campbell (London Metropolitan University) [4]

North East FE (1 seat)

Lee Short (Barnsley College) [1]

Northern Ireland HE (1 seat)

Eyad Abu-Khiran (Queen’s University Belfast) [1]

FE UK-elected (3 seats)

Margot Hill (Croydon College) [woman] [1]

Sarah Foster (Brent Start) [woman, ACE] [2]

Allister Mactaggart (Chesterfield College) [3]

Jim Thakoordin (Bedfordshire and Luton ACE) [ACE] [4]

HE UK-elected (3 seats)

Mark Campbell (London Metropolitan University) [post-92] [1]

Pura Ariza (Manchester Metropolitan University) [woman, post-92] [2]

Dr Julie Hearn (Lancaster University) [woman] [3]

Representatives of women members in further education (2 seats)

Rhiannon Lockley (Halesowen College) [1]

Elaine White (Bradford College) [2]

Representatives of women members in higher education (3 seats)

Sue Abbott (Northumbria University) [1]

Saira Weiner (Liverpool John Moores University) [2]

Representative of black members (casual vacancy) (1 seat)

Dawn Livingston (Lewisham Southwark College) [1]

Representative of FE members (casual vacancy) (1 seat)

Elaine White (Bradford College) [1]



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