Introducing Loraine Monk

Loraine Monk for Vice President


UCU must inspire our membership.

We need to increase UCU’s national profile and, with it, the power to argue and lobby on behalf of our members.

It is essential  we sustain and strengthen its officers, branches and regions so they can support members’ participation and improve Union democracy.

We must defend education against assaults on academic freedom and equal access.   We need to lead a sustained, solid resistance to increasing workloads and deteriorating working conditions.  We must fight for fair pay for academic and related staff and campaign against the use of zero hours contracts.

The principle of education for all is still something people believe in. We must stand firm against any suggestion to increase student fees and oppose the selling off of student debt. We should be campaigning for the reintroduction of EMA grants to the poorest students in FE and the retention and…

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