UCU NEC 14: Vote Rhiannon Lockley for an equalities-centred fighting Union


I’m standing for UCU NEC as an FE women’s rep in the 2014 elections. This is the platform I’m standing on, please share and encourage people to vote!

As a part-time worker with young children I’ve been an active committee member for some years, but this year took on the role of branch secretary at Halesowen following the disgraceful sacking of the existing secretary and three other activists.

We fought really hard in the national campaign for justice, building links with a huge range of local and national activist groups, and getting fantastic support from across the union. We may not have won reinstatement, but we have shown College leaders what they face if they attack us in this way, and I am very grateful for everything you have all done in this fight. If elected I will give back everything I can in fighting for members around the UK.

I think it is essential for the future of Trades Unions that we recruit and inspire young members, and if elected I will push to make this a key priority.

I have been an active member since I started teaching in 2005. I’ve just joined the national women’s committee, and have been regional women’s officer since 2011, building strong links with women’s groups locally and nationally. I’ve worked with local activists to build campaigns against NHS closures, privatisation of rape crisis services, and victim blaming. This summer I was a speaker at the national UK Feminista Summer School (attended by hundreds of young activists), making the case that Trades Unions should be central to the new wave of feminism. If elected, I will push for resources and campaigning to target this growing group of young activists for recruitment.

As a UCU left supporter, I believe the union should be at the heart of the equalities fight and the fight against austerity.

As a branch and regional officer I have played a key role in co-ordinating community campaigning, including organising a bedroom tax demonstration this spring which drew hundreds, many with no previous experience of protest. Recently I built a national petition of over 80K signatures challenging the Sun newspaper’s use of sensationalist disablist language, leading to a retraction. I am also involved in Dudley Trades Council, the Black Country People’s Assembly, and Love Music Hate Racism. I believe the union should be at the front of the fight for free accessible education for all. I have built up strong links with student activist groups, working to support the NUS Bring Back EMA campaign, Action for ESOL, and fighting attacks on Access to HE. If elected I will work hard as an NEC member to build our presence in and links to community and student campaign groups.

Vote for me, and vote for an energetic, equalities centred, fighting union!

Elections are open from Feb 3rd – 28th. Please also vote for Lorraine Monk for vice president and the following candidates:

FE – Nationally Elected:

Darren Tolliday,           

Alan Barker

Paul Pritchard

Margot Hill

FE – North East Regional

Lee Short

Umit Yildiz

FE – Women Members

Margot Hill

Rhiannon Lockley

HE – UK Elected

Lesley McGorrigan

Karen Evans

Andreas Bieler

Paul Blackledge

HE – London and the East

Adrian Budd

Ioanna Ioannou

Sean Wallis

HE – North East

Paul Blackledge

Mike Lamimman

HE – Women Members

Nadia Edmond

Saira Weiner

Sue Abbott


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