Why you should join us on the picket line – an open letter to university students

Why students should join the picket lines in Education strikes this Autumn

Mark Campbell UCU

Dear student,

It’s increasingly likely that university staff (UCU, Unison, and hopefully Unite and EIS in Scotland) across the UK, will be out on strike in the next few weeks.

The headline issue of dispute between us and our employers is fair pay in HE. However, this is ultimately about an awful lot more than just a fair pay rise. It’s also about ending the disgusting use of zero-hour contracts – rife at many universities, it’s about ensuring a national Living Wage for all staff (in-house or sub-contracted), it’s about challenging the gender pay gap in higher education. It’s about fighting excessive workloads and bullying. And it’s about stoping the increasing privatisation and commodification of UK higher education.

It’s about saying it is outrageous that the average pay packet of a vice-chancellor is some £250,000 per year plus benefits whilst many workers in higher education struggle on less than a…

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