Feedback: inclusivity suggestions

A week or so ago I started asking about what people’s suggestions are for making political groups more inclusive. Thank you very much to everyone who has responded either on twitter or in the forums up to this point. Here is a summary of what people have given me so far; please feel free to add more in comments and I will edit it to stick it in the main text. Some of these things seem very obvious but they still get missed on a regular basis which is why I’m including them


  • Check out places where rallies, demonstrations or marches are taking place in advance to make sure whole area/route can be navigated in a wheelchair/mobility scooter/with a buggy etc.
  • Ditto meeting venues
  • Ideally get someone with a disability to check over plans as may see things able bodied people have overlooked
  • Make sure there are easily accessible toilet facilities including disabled toilets baby change
  • Discuss and organise creche facilities in advance
  • Make sure advertisements/flyers for events are produced in all community languages and discuss how to make speeches etc understood in different community languages
  • Look over speakers for events and discuss how to make these representative of a variety of groups (e.g. make sure not just one class group, gender, able-bodied, hetero etc dominate)
  • If felt needed, support “safe space” identity group events at conferences etc (though this must be alongside full integration into main events also rather than an alternative to challenging dominance
  • Make sure chairs of any meetings are actively encouraging a variety of contributions and discouraging domination of discussions (with training if needed)
  • Where for practical reasons demonstrations etc may be inaccessible for some, ensure online alternatives are also in place to allow participation for anyone who wants it – these should be interconnected with main events as much as possible rather than separate events
  • Make sure those who find meetings etc more difficult to attend (e.g. because of care commitments) are fully consulted in planning and given a good amount of notice

Structural organisation of groups, committees etc

  • Work on making sure any organisational groups committees etc reflect the diversity of the general membership rather than just specific dominant groups
  • Depending on size of group build specific equality officers or committees into organisational structure to give a protected voice (e.g. women’s, BME, disabled, LGBTIQ – the names/groupings should be decided by those within identity strands rather than imposed)
  • Make sure that the existence of these officer posts/committees are understood to be complimentary to diversity in general committee/officer roles rather than natural pathways for people from specific identity groups
  • Make sure those who find meetings etc more difficult to attend (e.g. because of care commitments) are fully consulted in planning and given a good amount of notice


  • Work at ways of engaging people who are not online and keeping them in the loop
  • Make sure inclusivity is an ongoing open conversation which is central to the group or organisation

Please comment below with additional suggestions and I will add them in to the main body. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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