Response: Anti-abortion extremists are in the heart of government

Anyone who hasn’t yet read this article, which highlights the processes by which the government are pushing through their socially conservative agenda on women’s rights, and makes the case for a review of the abortion act to recognise abortion as a right as a result of women’s ownership of their bodies rather than a mental-health clause, should do so.

I was shocked to realise the extent to which redirection of the CQC into the hunt for signatures took resources away from their usual work: a cost of 1 million and the equivalent of 1,100 working days. Where is the justification for this kind of use of taxpayer money?

At the time I asked Dorries if illegality in the processes surrounding abortion is a concern whether there would be a similar effort into investigating the illegality of intimidation tactics being used by extremist pro-life groups (filming and challenging women on the streets outside clinics – and let’s not forget our pro-life groups are increasingly modelling themselves on US groups, which this week alone has seen a bomb – yes, a bomb – going off in a planned parenthood clinic) but unsurprisingly received no response.

We live in a country where a person drawing a charcoal cross on a military building as an act of protest for religious reasons is branded suspicious and arrested but a person directly confronting and harassing vulnerable women for religious reasons is of no interest whatsoever. Presumably religious groups are considered to be acting on conscience only when they are supporting rather than challenging social conservatism.


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