Research call out: domestic & relationship violence policy development

In the next few months I will be writing a chapter on domestic/relationship violence in the UK today and the need for an effective & robust policy to educate for the future and effectively support in the present. Based on my experiences so far as a college lecturer and UCU regional women’s officer, along with various feminists workshops and seminars given by people working within women’s services I have attended, I currently think this will include

1) Education: Introduce compulsory integrated education from an early age to prevent domestic & relationship violence. Introduce mandatory training for those working in education in recognising and supporting vulnerable children and adults.

2) Support: Effective funding for domestic and relationship violence support organisations, including specialist minority support organisations such as those with experience working with vulnerable individuals who identify as BME, disabled or LGBTQ

I would like to move from this starting point to speak to and draw on as many people as possible with experience in this area to develop a comprehensive review of the impact of recent and current policy and suggestions for how this should be shaped in future. I would like to hear from anyone with an interest in this area, but in particular from:

  • Groups/organisations who provide domestic/relationship violence support, or individuals with experience working in these groups
  • Individuals with personal experience of domestic/relationship violence
  • Individuals or groups with experience of delivering education/training in this area
  • Women’s or Equality Officers from Trades Unions with experience in this area

The chapter is for this year’s Red Book. The Red Book is an annual collection of essays for Labour Left, a think tank aiming to move the Labour party away from Neo-Liberalism, and develop modern ethical socialist policies. (You can find out more about Labour Left here and more about the Red Book here: . The Red Book 2011 is available as a free download here: – including a chapter I wrote on understanding the psychology of the working class right wing). I seek to develop valid and useful policy research and would expect to hear from and represent in an honest way perspectives from a variety of political backgrounds and perspectives.

My personal view could be broadly described as Marxist Feminist – the following are examples of blogs I have written on feminist issues which may give an indicator of my perspective:

If you would be happy for me to contact you during my research for this chapter, please comment below or e-mail me at


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