Here a great example of how I think the conservatives really see it. Here we see a heartless, brainless boss dismissing the idea of shared sacrifice and patriotism in favor of self interest. He can’t possibly deal with the idea of making less money than he made the year before so rather than cut back on his own expenses he ruins someone else’s life. And even though this conservative assertion that this is the reason raising taxes on the rich doesn’t work is exactly the same reason why rich people won’t create jobs, they can’t see that.

They can’t see the greed and self interest of people who would sooner fire an employee (or 60, or 600) or send jobs to overseas slaves & child laborers than take a pay cut themselves and spread the pain, yet they glorify WWII era ideals of patriotism. American families and companies throughout WWII sacrificed for their country. What have these bastards sacrificed?

Imagine the scoffs from the conservatives of today if the government asked them to donate their aluminum or to grow their own vegetables. Imagine the cries of “fascist communist!” if Obama told sugar manufacturers to conserve a portion of their product for American soldiers rather than put it on the free market. They scream about it being their right and at the same time turn around and accuse liberals of acting entitled.

There’s a double standard in everything they say and it’s partially a world-view problem (I bet a lot of them have strict daddy-issues), but it’s mostly a disguise to hide their true selfish, greedy nature. Like a closeted gay politician who writes the most anti-gay bills in the country, the typical conservative adorns his home, car and office with patriotic imagery and commits golden-era fallacies on a daily basis, but have no real respect for the country. They’d sooner hold their employees hostage in exchange for a tax break than participate in any sort of ‘shared sacrifice.’ They mask their confederate sympathies behind a veneer of red, white and blue, but when it comes time to act like an American, like a patriot during WWII would, they show the world their true color: green.

All of this.

Tax cuts for the rich obviously don’t work; it has been almost 10 years since Bush Tax Cuts have been implemented.


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