Let me count the ways in which this is badly argued and poorly written

No 1) Poor stereotyped comparisons between western women and “others”

No 2) Somewhat ill-informed review of western clothing history

No 3) Assumes men are stupid

No 4) Assumes rapists are stupid

No 5) Assumes a link between feminism and aspiration towards monied middle/upper class career paths. As I will say over and over and over again to my students, correlation does not show cause and effect. Feminism can involve the attempt to have intellectual credibility recognised but it is just one of a number of issues involved.

No 6) Seems to assume that “proper” feminism has to be anti feminine sexuality

No 7) Creates a false view of feminists who participated in 2nd wave feminism as being somehow no longer in the picture – is feminism reserved for a particular age range? – and also comments negatively on behalf of these feminists without any evidence of any discussion with any of them or any other form of research into getting opinion.

No 8) Very patronising/vaguely class sneery remarks on the women going out in newcastle at the night time and women caracaturised by the age of reality tv/wags etc.

Let me count the ways in which this is badly argued and poorly written


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